[OCG] Unconfirmed: Gold Series 2014, Duelist Sets, Legacy of the Valiant and More

Unconfirmed But Likely News On Upcoming Products

Gold Series 2014

This is the final entry of the Gold Series Packs
4 Cards per pack, at a cost of 150 Yen
It will contain 3 cards decided by online voting
It also contains cards that are being released ahead of schedule
The reprinted cards are incredibly powerful

Legacy of the Valiant
The set contains 5 Cards being released early, along with strengthening Bujin and Ghostricks.

Duelist Sets
3 New Cards for Lightsworn and ギアガジェ (Gia Gaje) Decks (Based on the context, this probably means Ancient Gear/Gadget Decks. Like Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon.)

Concept Duel
In September is a Yuma Token. In October is a Ryouga Token. And if you have both of them, you can get a Kaito Token as a present.


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146 thoughts on “[OCG] Unconfirmed: Gold Series 2014, Duelist Sets, Legacy of the Valiant and More

  1. “Domestic Premiere Cards” are a sort of cards like Stardust, Trishula, Laggia, Chidori, Star Eater and that stuff. In other words, they are powerful monsters for your Extra deck (stronger Xyz then ever, i guess).

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