[CNOCG] Starter Pack 2 Poster

More cards confirmed…

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Names and Etymology Gaiden: These Weasels Will Cut You Edition

Hey all, it’s Deadborder here. In the wake of the new Hermit Youkai, I thought it would be a good idea to try and explain some of the background info and mythology that they seem to be based on.

Almost all of the Hermit Youkai are based on different legends surrounding the same youkai: the kamaitachi, or sickle weasel.

Wanna learn about some windy weasels? yeah I bet you do
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[TCG] Dice Masters: Series One

A surprise product from WizKids appears, that is a seeming blast to the past for fans of the original series.

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[TCG] One Last Leak from NECH

One last leak before the potential source purged their Twitter…

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[Arc-V] Episode 25 Summary

不動の覚悟!!権現坂昇 Fudou no Kakugo! ! Gongenzaka Noboru (Steadfast Resolve!! Gongenzaka Noboru)
September 28th, 2014
Reiji finally confronts the mystery surrounding the Leo Duel School attackers, which has been enveloped in unprecedented feelings of tension. Meanwhile, in order to qualify for the tournament, Yuya finds himself against the opponent he least expected; his best friend, Gongenzaka.
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[Cardobing] Gagaga Cowboy

EX Value can Enhance Your Deck! – Featured Card #3 “Gagaga Cowboy”

A special reprint pack set-up of 2 packs of “The Gold Box” from 2012 (each pack containing 5 cards each) and either 1 “GOLD SERIES 2013” pack OR 1 Abyss Rising (ABYR) and 1 Cosmo Blazer CBLZ pack has appeared!

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[TCG] NECH Super Edition Box Art

Exactly what it says on the box

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[TCG] Leaks of Adventskalender, NECH-EN and Legendary Collection 5D’s

The original pictures seem to be those of a Japanese twitter account, which then made their way throughout the rest of the world through a series of retweets, reposts, screencaps and more.

We are in no way related to the leak, contrary to what some conspiracy theorists may believe, and have no knowledge regarding the identity of the person responsible.

We would also like to say to some of our more concerned readers that reporting this leak was a subject of great controversy within our staff, due to the grave implications involved with such a leak and the consequences of a report for both those directly involved with Konami and the people who are involved with us, the reporters.

It was, however, ultimately decided that due to the size of the leak and the rate at which it has spread across the rest of the internet, it has become realistically impossible for us to avoid doing so. We bear no ill will, and we kindly hope that nobody has any misconceptions. Read more ›

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