[TCG] LC5D’s Full Spoiler

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[OCG] Kiryu VA vs Yuya VA Deck Lists

Today from the Yu-Gi-Oh! Official Card Game: The Strongest King Championship, we have the Deck List’s being used by Kiryu and Yuya’s VAs!

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[Cardobing] Pot of Wealth

New Card News! “Pot of Wealth” (Included in SECE)

A Super Strong Support Card That Promises To Be Useful In Decks That Use Pendulum Monsters!
The Secret of Evolution” (SECE), which comes out November 15th, 2014, includes a powerful Spell Card that lets you draw two cards, while expanding the ways you can use Pendulum Monsters!

New possibilities are born in Decks that take advantage of Pendulum Summoning… … …

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[OCG] 10/23/2014 OCG rulings

Assorted rulings
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[OCG] Pot of Wealth

Spoiler alert: It draws cards.

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[TCG] The Abyss That Keeps on Burning


The rest of the Burning Abyss cards in The New Challengers are revealed on Konami’s blog.

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The Burning Abyss Virgil and Rubic

Through the Fire and the Flames, we carry on!

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[OCG] Korean Official Tournament Store Mat

Korea continues to inherit the original series’ sense of horror with its products, this time as a mat of everyone’s favorite tournament deck.

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