Aug 30

[OCG] [Philippines] SPECIAL EDITION – Courtside’s Open Tournament (August 16, 2014) (+other results)

As another effort to reach out to any existing non-OCG communities in the country, Courtside has hosted another non-sanctioned Open Tournament. Store credit was put up for grabs in this awesome event, in the hopes of helping possible non-OCG winners to convert and start competing in more serious environments. This tournament, held at Robinson’s Galleria, had 76 participants.

Also included in this article are results from the previous weekend (August 08 – August 10).
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Aug 29

[Cardobing] Obedience Schooled

New Card Information! “Obedience Schooled” (In EP14)

A Powerful Spell Card That Supports Beast-Type Decks Has Appeared!
Extra Pack -KNIGHTS OF ORDER-” (EP14), which comes out September 13th, includes a powerful Spell Card that Special Summons 3 Beast-Type monsters from the Deck!

Check out what kind of Beast-Type monsters you want to Special Summon, and consider the combos you can pull off with them!
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